Summer is the perfect time of the year to get married for the bride who craves the natural beauty of an outdoor wedding but is loathe to be shivering in her gown by nightfall. Of course at Leilani, we are believers that the couple’s personalities should ultimately inform the overall theme of the wedding – whether it’s a casual chic coastal affair with the bride in a tea dress running barefoot in the sand, a black tie garden party around a majestic fountain ringed in towering hedges, or an artsy bohemian destination wedding in a treehouse in Oregon. Nonetheless, even with a theme and location in mind, the color, style, and decor options can seem endless, especially with Pinterest, Instagram, and wedding blogs presenting a smorgasbord of dream wedding visuals that would overwhelm even the best of us.

Here at Leilani, we’ve had the privilege of seeing all these trends at weddings and events firsthand while we worked with our couples over the years, and so, we’ve narrowed down some of the top ones for 2019 that we feel will help you elevate your wedding style, curate your choices, and add a pop of something-something that will leave your guests wow-ed at the end of the night!


PHOTOGRAPHY: Victoria Gold


Instead of trying to pick 5 colors for your wedding palette (Ochre/Mauve/Seaglass/Taupe/Cream?!), select your all-time favorite color and create an “ombre palette” using only shades of one color! Take the tablescape above, for example, from the Stonehurst Grand Opening that Leilani designed and planned, which incorporates reddish tones from true red to rust, rosey pink, coral, and blush. Matching everything is a breeze because shades of the same color family are almost always complimentary. Also, you’ll get to revel in your favorite color throughout your special day without your decor looking flat or bland thanks to the varying hues!



Leilani Weddings - Floral Tie - Wedding Style



Bold bridegrooms who want to sport something unique, fun, and non-traditional may opt for floral ties and even pocket squares, which are the perfect touch for a summer wedding! They liven up any suit and are sure to be a conversation piece. To keep things chic, boutonnieres should be simple with subtle colors, dried flowers or greenery, allowing the tie and/or pocket square to take center stage.



Leilani Weddings - Franciscan Gardens - Janice Simon - Minimalist Wedding

PHOTOGRAPHY: Matthew David


While a summer wedding often calls to mind colorful, sweet-scented florals bursting over every surface, sometimes, at an outdoor wedding, you can afford to simply let nature shine. With a backdrop of lush foliage or a natural landscape colored with the season, couples might want to inspire their guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of their wedding location without the distraction of elaborate decor. A minimalist arch is the perfect statement piece to frame the ceremony – dramatically highlighting the couple without detracting from the environment! As a bonus, couples on a budget also get to save on some floral costs by keeping their ceremony design modern and geometric.



Leilani Weddings - The Knot - Temecula Creek Inn - Desiree + Brandon - Boho Floral Summer Wedding



If you are a bohemian maximalist at heart, on the other hand, you might want to go in the other direction and embrace floral explosions over your Sweetheart Table. More and more, we are seeing newlyweds dine at tables laden with magnificent flowers spilling to the ground. Who wouldn’t want to feel like kings and queens in a whimsical midsummer fairy tale on their wedding eve?



Boho Brooklyn Winery Wedding Styled Shoot - Leilani Weddings - Natalie Faye Fern

PHOTOGRAPHY: Brian David Weddings


For those who want a summer vibe but aren’t inclined towards the traditionally bright colors associated with the season, the good news is that muted tones have become quite the summer trend! Take the bride and bridesmaid outfits from the editorial we designed in collaboration with Grace Loves Lace, Jenny Yoo, and Brooklyn Winery. The summery floral print on one bridesmaid’s dress is tempered by muted blush, sage, and light taupe. The other bridesmaid’s dress is a subtle (rather than bright) gold while still adding some sparkle and magic, because muted doesn’t equal boring! Together with the bride’s off-the-shoulder scalloped lace gown, this dress trio is pure summer wedding chic without blinding anyone with garish hues.



Leilani Weddings - Green Wedding Shoes - Franciscan Gardens - Colorful Boho Wedding Reception

PHOTOGRAPHY: Foolishly Rushing In


Pampas grass continues to be a hit this summer, along with dried flowers! They add dimension and an interesting textural layer to more colorful floral arrangements. Also trending are cascading flowers – be they dripping tendrils, garlands, or simply inverted stems suspended from the ceiling. The effect is that of a floral waterfall or floral rain – depending on the exact nature of the installation. In our recent editorial at Franciscan Gardens, the combination of both trends in the hanging arrangements over the reception table looked like little flower clouds bursting with scarlet rain!



Leilani Weddings - Alice + Olivia's Bridal Capsule Collection

PHOTOGRAPHY: Lex and the Lotus


You know that when the Pantone Color Institute’s wedding color palette in 2019, ‘Paradise Found’, was inspired by an escape to idyllic tropical islands, tropical themes were bound to be a big trend for weddings this summer. No matter where your wedding is located, there is no reason not to dream a little dream and create an island getaway atmosphere on your big day. Destination weddings may not be the right decision for every couple, and this way, no one has to travel to Bali or Costa Rica for a tiny taste! Have your DJ play tunes that remind you of white sandy beaches and crystal waters, rent folding bamboo chairs for your reception, serve tropical cocktails (who doesn’t love a good Mai Tai or Piña Colada?), and work with your florist to bring the tropics to you. Banana leaves, monstera, fan palms, elephant ears, birds of paradise, papyrus fronds, and areca palm leaves are a great way to instantly set the vibe. For more color palettes, look to tropical birds for inspiration: parrots, toucans, hummingbirds, and flamingos!




PHOTOGRAPHY: Birds of a Feather


A coconut station is the summer addition to your cocktail hour that your guests never knew they wanted! A guaranteed hit, those chilled coconuts will keep your guests cool and happy on a hot summer’s day, and for those wanting a little more booze during cocktail hour, an option may be offered to spike the coconuts with rum at the bar.




Leilani Weddings - Mozambique - Mixed Textures Boho Wedding Reception



Couples might want to consider embracing this trend if they are going for an artsy eclectic vibe or a Spanish or Moroccan-inspired wedding. The look is daring and adventurous – ideal for the bold couple who is not afraid to take risks and be a little bit different. However, mixing prints and textures can seem daunting to some who enjoy the look but fear color clashes and causing their guests dizzy spins. A way to simplify things is to add one or two bright pops of color with florals but keep the mixed prints neutral and monochromatic – or at the very least, within the same color family.



PHOTOGRAPHY: Victoria Gold


Nothing says “summer” in a getaway vehicle better than a vintage car in pastel hues! We can’t get enough of this powder blue one. Not only is it a fun way to travel to and from your ceremony and reception, it’s also an amazing photo backdrop. On a budget and can’t splurge on a photo booth after catering wiped you clean? See if your venue has a prominent or scenic area to park your retro car and set up a bucket or table with a few masks and fun props next to it, along with a sign bearing your wedding hashtag. Voila – a photo op for your guests!